martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Design Conceptualization

Graphic design strong emphasis on mastering the software often neglects some practices or elements necessary to create an effective design. Often times the contentment of a graphic designer relies if he was able to apply some extraordinary techniques or rather he’s done with the design that he thinks is pleasing enough for him. Design conceptualization, choice of subject matter, themes and defining the elements of design are being ignored. Stunning designs are common especially with the use of graphic design software. But if you look at its bigger picture, there’s something missing that you just can’t point out.

Creating a design is not as easy as opening your software and selecting the tools you know you can use. There are procedures you must consider. You can start with gathering the information you need. For example, if you are designing a corporate identity, you need to know the nature of business of the employer, background, list of products or services, target market and selling location.

If you have all the data you need, you can do the draft for your design. You can ask your client the color they want. For sure they can only give you those in the color wheel. It is up to you to determine the color scheme and CYMK. The whole concept of the design usually anchors on the logo and tagline since they are unchangeable and represents the company’s image and goal. Logo design is essential to branding. Simple logo design is advisable. Decide whether your logo will be a typeface, an image or combination. What’s important is it’s readable and will surely be recognized by the public. The theme also plays an important role. Determine if your design will be vintage, grunge, psychedelic, etc. depending on your subject matter. This applies especially on packaging and poster making because you are trying to catch the public’s attention.

When all your ideas are already synchronized, you can begin putting your concept into details. You can now sketch it or do the detailed drawing. It will be faster if you have your sketch first rather than doing all the drafts in your pc.

Design conceptualization is something that is abstract and can be learned through research and experience. Subject matter and themes are basic elements that will make your design meaningful. You will also notice that some marketing aspects are considered since your design is created for the purpose of magnetizing customers.

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