martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Getting Along with...Contrast

Life will lead to boredom if it is monotonous. You will wake early in the morning, go to the bathroom and clean yourself, eat breakfast, go to work, do the same task, eat lunch, back to work, out in the office, go  home, eat dinner, clean yourself then go to sleep. By the next day, you will do the same routine again. Weary, isn’t it.  Maybe you can try a little change, something that is challenging yet will make your day complete. If you are stuck on the things you always do, you might be moss-covered in a couple of years.

Design can be compared to human life. If its elements are all the same, it will be less interesting. To add visual interest to a design, there is a need to add contrast to make it more appealing. Contrast takes place in a design when two associated elements are different. With the fusion of elements opposing each other, contrast creates visual interest. It makes the design dynamic and unpredictable. But with improper or exaggerated application of contrast, the design might look messy and disorganized. Its use must be well planned in order to prevent it from making the design confusing to the viewers.

A typical example of contrast is the use of complementary colors. Complementary colors are pairs of colors on the opposite region of the color wheel. Examples of complimentary colors are red and green, blue and orange, yellow and violet. Even if the fate of these complementary colors is to eternally contest on the wheel, they still maintain to project color harmony and are widely use as guides for color combination.

Another example is the contrast in size. It is highly used to give emphasis. Examples are headline texts on news paper. They are bigger in order to shout out the main title of the article.

Contrast may occur on shape, value, alignment, color, direction, type, movement, and texture.

Contrast in Color

Contrast in Text/Size

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