lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Designing Business Logos

A logo is an important aspect of any business' identity. It is usually the first thing that makes an impression on clients/customers and is key in presenting a professional image about a company and in establishing customer recognition (branding).

The company logo is seen everywhere: on business cards, stationery, invoices and receipts, website, corporate giveaways, advertising and signage and even on the side of the delivery vehicle. Thus it must be properly designed not only to attract attention but more importantly to convey the spirit of the company it represents.

A logo separates a company from the competitors. It provides instant recognition and helps customers remember a business. For a logo to be effective, the following tips can be a great help when designing a business logo:

Simplicity.  A simple logo design is easier for customers to remember and recognize. It is also advisable to limit the number of colors.  Always use simple shapes and minimal text as people remember images better than they remember words.
Relevance.  Make sure that your logo design has relevance to your business. Use images that customers can associate with your king of business. However, there are businesses that's difficult to symbolize using an image.  In such cases, initials of the business' name encased in a simple shape would do.
The Power of Color. Colors can present powerful messages in themselves. Choose colors for the meaning they impart and not because it's a personal favorite.  For example, red is seen as fiery and energetic and is best used to attract attention. Using brown may not bring out the same effect.
Scalability. Your business logo has to be scalable to suit all your promotional needs. It must look great on a business card, on a brochure, and on a billboard, for instance, if that's how you choose to advertise. Remember that complicated logo designs don't scale well.

Almost anybody can design their own company logo using various graphics software programs that are available online, some can even be free of charge. But if you don't have the time and prefer to hire  professionals, there are many companies that offer graphic design services.  We at New Harvest Design can help you with all your graphic design requirements.  Our in-house team of highly-qualified and experienced graphic designers can help you design a logo that best represents your business. Contact us now for more information.


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